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Resources for Paid Book Reviews

  5 Resources for Paid Book ReviewsHave you ever asked yourself one or more of these questions?

Does Amazon allow paid book reviews? What is the difference between a review and a testimonial? Should self-published authors pay for book reviews? Who are the top book review companies? Read on for the answers.

There is arguably nothing more important to a book’s success than reviews. No reviews can be as bad as an average rating of 1 or 2 stars and just a single 4 or 5 star review can make all the difference in getting a shopper to pause and consider the book.

But I would argue that most of what we consider as “reviews” are nothing more than reader testimonials. Contrast a testmonial with the Wikipedia definition of a book review: “a book review is a form of literary criticism in which a book is analyzed based on content, style, and merit.”

How many Amazon “reviews” go this far? Not many.

You need reviews and you need them early in the book’s release. If you have the budget we recommend you select one of the companies below. They may seem expensive but they offer a recognized service with the insightful feedback that separates a review from a testimonial. They also take a lot longer, which makes sense. (There are also services that offer what I call testimonial reviews. We'll cover this in a future post.)

Each of these has their own terms and conditions and we’ve never heard of Amazon rejecting one of their reviews. Each of these has a program for self-publishers or small presses.

Editorial ReviewerNotes
Blue Ink Review$395 and up
Foreword ReviewsClarion Reviews start at $335 and take 6-8 weeks.
Kirkus Reviews
Begins at $425 and takes 7-9 weeks. Other services available.
Writer's Digest draft reviews
A critique of your manuscript.
Your First Review
$149 and includes a 7 point report card

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  2. Thanks for the list. This is very useful for authors, especially new ones who are beginners with Amazon selling. I have written review, or more aptly, testimonials for books before.
    Another paid book reviews service that i would recommend is
    Prices are pretty fair there.

  3. We offer a paid review service starting at $59, solely for self-publishers. We’ve been around since 2008 and are partnered with BookBaby and do deals with BlueInk Review a few times a year. Would love to be on your list!

  4. We offer a new review service for both Indie and traditionally published authors. It’s reasonably priced at $39.95, and we return overwhelmingly positive reviews, giving even new authors a chance to have their hard work recognized. Check out our site for testimonials and review samples. Thanks!

  5. There are two different types of reviews to consider. The above list mixes trade reviews and consumer reviews. Kirkus and Foreword are considered trade publications that are distributed to book stores and book buyers. Other sites that many people are listing above and now there are many others in addition to those mentioned, are consumer reviews that post to Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Good Reads. Trade reviews are very valuable because they encourage retailers to carry your book, as long as it’s a returnable product. Amazon reviews are important as well because Amazon adjusts placement of the book on various pages based on the number of reviews, hits and ranking for the book. Both are important for different reasons.

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