1. Andy Grogan says:

    I followed your advice and in 5 minutes I reduced my rank from 2.500.000 to about 750.000.
    This was interesting as I thought the rank was based on sales, but apparently not. Keywords are everything. However, I probably just reduced my exposure to a more select group. The actual “views” remain the same.

  2. David Wogahn says:

    Really, 5 minutes Andy?

  3. Andy Grogan says:

    Yup, it was instantaneous. However, the ranking group changed (to a smaller group) and therefore I was higher on a smaller list. However, at 750.00 (its gone back up to 984,103) I might as well be on the moon.

  4. David Wogahn says:

    Andy, send me a link when you get a chance. I’d like to take a look. (via here or my contact form)

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