How Businesses Can Reach a Larger Audience by Redefining the PDF eBook

Image credit: Yutaka TsutanoA few weeks ago I wrote an article for the Content Marketing Institute about how–and why–business marketers can create additional versions of the PDF “eBooks” they produce for their website. I thought I would share a few of reasons here and invite you to learn more if you are interested.

How do Kindle, Nook, Apple and other ePub eBooks differ from the PDF eBooks that businesses use in their marketing programs? Three ways:

1. PDF eBooks are not sold through Amazon and other online stores.

2. PDF eBooks do not lend themselves to sharing on social networks.

3. PDF eBooks provide a poor user experience on smartphones and tablets. They require too much pinching and panning to be easily read.

In fact, as screens get smaller…

  • Smartphone adoption reached 49.7 percent penetration in February 2012 and is expected to climb to 70 percent of all mobile phones by the end of 2013. (Nielsen)
  • The number of Americans owning at least one digital reading device (tablet, Kindle, Nook, etc.) jumped from 18 percent in December 2011 to 29 percent in January 2012 (Pew Internet)

… digital reading is going more mobile (according to Pew Internet’s 2012 study, The Rise of eReading):

  • 41 percent of readers of eBooks consume them on an eBook reader such as a Kindle or Nook.
  • 29 percent of readers of eBooks consume them on their cell phones.
  • 23 percent of readers of eBooks consume them on a tablet computer.

If the goal is to produce content that gets found, read, and shared, then business marketers can’t ignore mobile devices and online bookstores. Further, this adoption rate creates new opportunities for engagement and revenue generation.

For more information about how businesses use eBooks for revenue and marketing you can read the complete article or see this previous posts here or here on

I also included the high levels steps one takes to convert their book to eBook format. It is part of the CMI article or you can see my white paper post on

This is a great opportunity for businesses to expand their audience. Do you have a project you’d like to discuss? I can provide a free consultation to discuss whether or not it makes sense.

Call or email me about it.

Image credit: Yutaka Tsutano


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